Alex spent her twenties and thirties working; moving her way up the corporate ladder.  She was confident and had been on plenty of dates but had never met “the one.”  She was beautiful but she didn’t realize how stunning she was.  She had dared to dream about climbing Kilamanjaro but until she saw the climbing course advertised, she wasn’t sure it would ever be a reality.  She was brave but had never done anything like this before.  Every friend tried to talk her out of going but she was determined.  For the last six months, she had trained with a local guide named Peter.  Today was her fortieth birthday and she wanted to make it one she’d never forget.  She didn’t think she could do it and yet here she was at the summit.  After climbing Kilimanjaro, the world was literally at her fingertips.  Still, all she could think about was how he wouldn’t let her give up on her dream.  

Peter.  Peter.  Alex and Peter, Peter and Alex.  Life wouldn’t be ordinary anymore.  She had survived the climb and he was there, smiling.  

God, he had a great smile.