Caroline was an adventurer.  She had always acted first...thought later.  Her job as a Travel Writer had taken her all over the world.  She wrote about all of the wonderful sights and Mexico did not disappoint.  She decided many years ago not to fall in love; not to complicate things and much preferred to be in charge of her love life.   Caroline understood how she was always in jeopardy of losing her coveted job to a younger "model." so she had kept her feelings for her Photographer to herself.  In fact, it had been Liam that made the first move.  They had worked together for years and Caroline felt a closeness that was undeniable.  She chose her spot on the plush sofa and closed her eyes.  Thoughts of their time together last summer in Zihuantanejo brought her solace as she dreamt of him.   Their friendship had turned romantic; into their own lifelong spa day, and she hoped he would see she was willing to fight for him...fight for them.