Celeste was happier than she had ever been.  She had never felt so at ease with her life.  Her move to Belize to be with him brought a slower pace.  Timing had been ideal to stop and smell the flowers.  She had finally found her soulmate and could relax.  But it hadn’t been a typical courting.  Celeste’s mother had fallen last Spring and she had stopped everything to take care of her.  Her mother had always been her rock and when she was weak, Celeste felt she needed to be stronger.  She didn’t show her fears or tears as she spent hours helping her mother with her physical therapy.  Dr. Faris had been her mother’s doctor and he was there when Celeste’s mother walked on her own, as well as to be the bearer of the news that she’d never be able to ride her horse ever again.  He was kind and gentle, gorgeous even, but Celeste knew he would leave eventually.  Eli, Dr. Faris was on lend from Cabarete, Dominican Republic.  His expertise had brought the local rehab hospital much needed exposure.  No one would be surprised, Celeste had thought.  As her father had passed away, Celeste felt it important her mother share her feelings for Celeste's "rock." She hoped her mother would be honored to walk her down the aisle to start her dream.