Zoe’s divorce was final and so too was sad Zoe. She wanted to live again; to   find fun Zoe.  It had been years since she threw caution to the wind and got on a plane alone.  She had always wanted romance and knew France was the only place to be.  Zoe loved everything about France, even the French.  She totally imersed herself in her French life; speaking to anyone who would listen.  "Je vais prendre un café americain noir ?" or was it ,"Un café amercain et noir?"  Zoe couldn't keep her thoughts straight.  She came to her new favorite cafe for the chocolate croissants and ambiance but now she longed for him.  She wasn’t even sure if she had  pronounced his name correctly and that made her smile.  So too did last night.  This impromptu trip to France had turned out to be a trip she wouldn’t soon forget.  She had come here to find romance and he had shown her passion. Filling her heart with flutters, her stomach with butterflies and her post box with love letters, Sebastien was just what she needed.  He had asked her before he took his first kiss.  Once she said yes, he took his time exploring every inch of her body. His touch was soft and deliberate. And as she smoked another cigarette on her balcony, Zoe felt a chill.  Her thoughts were of him and not of the silk sheets now flying down the street; leaving her naked.