Date night


 Lily woke up rested.  She had her first full night’s sleep in months.  Cramming for finals had been tough but worth the work.  Graduating with honors, Lily wouldn't have a difficult time finding a job.  Much to her parent’s chagrin, however, instead of job-hunting, she decided to take some time to herself.  Lily bought a ticket to Spain and after only one month in Barcelona, she was in love with Spain and in love with Javier.  She hoped she'd wake feeling this happy every morning.  It must be the fragrant aroma in the Spanish air that made her think of the flowers he had sent her.  Javier had lived here his whole life and was the DJ for the local nightclub she stumbled upon her first night in Barcelona.  She blushed every time she recalled that first meeting.  He couldn’t take his eyes off her and she was flattered.  He was exactly her type – tall, dark and handsome.  And, he was interested in her.  They met for coffee the next morning and every morning since.  Every date night with him was more romantic than the last.  Her time here was running out and Javier wanted her to stay.  She didn’t want to leave.  Her parents were coming in next week to visit and she was sure they would not be happy to hear that she had decided to stay in Spain with Javier, her fiancé.